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Super Absorbent

fights odor

and comfy

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Meticulously designed period underwear with unique layers of absorbent protection to keep you covered. Our soft lining pulls in moisture, while absorbent layers keep you feeling dry. Patented Leak-Loc® technology locks in leaks, so you can live life without worrying about leaks.


Above and beyond period underwear

What pairs perfectly with your period (besides chocolate), Proof single use heating patches made for menstrual cramps. Because nothing should cramp your style.

Go with your flow

There's Proof for every phase of your flow, from surprise sprinkles when you sneeze to super heavy periods and beyond.

"The Best Period Underwear, According to Women Who Wear Them"

"The super absorbent fabric is the best thing to have on without having to worry about toxic shock syndrome or multiple trips to the bathroom."

"Go about your day in comfort even on the heaviest days of your period. This pair sits high on the hips so it won't roll down, features breathable mesh sides that add a little style factor, plus offers complete leakproof protection!" (The Mesh Hipster)

"The most absorbent period panty on the market."

Finally, a bra made for boob sweat!

Introducing the first of its kind Stay Dry Comfort Bra.


Don't take it from us

Read reviews from Proof users
“These panties are so incredibly comfortable!! Super soft and literally no panty line. They stay in place too! They have an extra "leak" layer that is comfortable and not bulky at all (think protection of panty liner without the feeling of a panty liner.) I ordered a small and they fit great. For reference, I am 5'2" 125 lbs. Great purchase!”
“I have reached early menopause but other things happen down there. (During workouts are the worst) I got these to help with my bladder leak and sweat. To my surprise, they also made my bike seat a bit more comfortable. Ha. I plan on getting another set of them.”
A T.
Proof Brief
“I get the worst periods ever, and I have tried every brand of period underwear out there, and nothing has been leak proof (as they claim). Needless to say, I was skeptical when I bought these, but figured it was worth a try. I truly cannot believe how well they worked. No leaks whatsoever and super comfortable too! If anyone out there has a heavy flow, I highly suggest this brand. They are worth every penny!”
Karen S.
Bought The Bikini
“I've been really struggling with yeast and discharge during my pregnancy and these panties have been really great. Sometimes I change my underwear 4 times a day because I just feel wet; not with these. They really don't leak through to my outer clothes.”
Lorna D.
DO exactly what they say
“These lightweight thongs are another one of my favorites. They are light, comfortable and offer me the security that I need on my spotting/light days. Honestly, it's so much better than wearing and wasting a pantyliner when I'm spotting. Also, it saves me the discomfort of chafing from pads and liners. I honestly forget that im wearing the thongs because they are so comfy and light. Honestly, I could use a full drawer of these. 😊”
Thongs For The Win!
“I wear mine after sex to clean up... messes. (You know!) I don’t think I’ll ever go back to normal undies.”

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