Workout Underwear For Leak Protection

Proof undies were made to move with you while providing discreet protection. Shop our collection of workout and exercise leakproof undies!

Move-With-You Fabric

Absorbent Core


Machine Washable

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Leakproof Thong
Holds up to 1 Regular Tampon or 2 Teaspoons

Eliminate panty lines and light leaks

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Leak-resistant Everyday Panty
Holds up to 1 Light Tampon or Panty Liner

Invisible protection for life's little leaks

3 Different Absorbency Levels

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Leakproof Brief
Holds up to 3 Regular Tampons or 6 Teaspoons

A classic silhouette with discreet leak protection

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Leakproof Lace Cheeky
Holds up to 3 Regular Tampons or 6 Teaspoons

Cheeky style with built-in leak protection

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Leak Proof Lace Back Bikini

A little extra beauty for your booty

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Leak-resistant High Waisted Smoothing Brief
Holds up to 1 Light Tampon or Panty Liner

A leak-resistant undie that smooths and soothes with light compression in all the right places.

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Proof Teen Everyday Bikini
Holds up to 1 Light Tampon or Panty Liner

Goodbye pantyliners. Hello everyday protection.

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Proof Teen Leakproof Boy Short
Holds up to 3 Regular Tampons or 6 Teaspoons

Invisible protection for life's little leaks

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Leak Proof High Waisted Lace Brief

Vintage style with powerful protection

Leak Protective Workout Undies

Workout undies with built in leak protection. From spotting and discharge to sweat and bladder leaks when you jump or squat, Proof has you covered. Now, you can work out without worrying about leaks.

Workout Underwear with Protection

Underwear designed so no drop can stop you. Proof undies absorb sweat and protect from bladder leaks, spotting, and periods so that you can focus on giving your A-game. Smooth edges disappear underneath clothing - even your favorite workout leggings - and multi way stretch fabric moves with your body for a perfect fit.

Top FAQs

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Can Proof undies replace pads and pantyliners?

Yes! Proof workout underwear were designed with built-in protection to keep you protected from all of life’s little leaks - whether it’s spotting in between periods, sweat, or light bladder leaks - we’ve got you covered!

What makes proof leak protective underwear best for workouts?

We curated a special collection of leak-protective undies in a variety of absorbencies that are ideal for working out. Breathable stretch fabric moves with your body for a seriously comfortable fit, while smooth edges stay hidden under clothing. But the biggest bonus is a thin, absorbent lining that pulls moisture away from the body and controls leaking, so you can feel confident and work it without worry.

Are Proof undies seamless?

For an invisible look under your favorite leggings, we recommend The Thong, Everyday Undie, or Brief. All of our styles have smooth edges for a flattering fit under clothing with a discreet leak protective core without added bulk.

Are Proof workout undies washable?

Washing Proof workout underwear is easy! Proof undies feature strong protection, but should be washed gently. Simply toss in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, using cold water and mild detergents. Hang or lay flat to dry. No washing machine? Hand washing in cold water with a gentle detergent works great, too!

More helpful tips to care for your pair:

-Don’t wring or twist your undies - be gentle when washing Proof

-Hot water, harsh detergents, and bleach can damage the absorbent technology in Proof undies, so be sure to use cold water and mild detergent

-Hang or lay flat to dry - do not put in the dryer

-Proof undies have a super absorbent core that can take between 6 and 24 hours to dry. Heavier absorbency pairs have more layers of absorbent material, and will take longer to dry than our light pairs. To expedite the drying process, blot away excess moisture from the gusset before laying flat or hanging to dry.

-Want a refresh? To make your period undies fresh and remove any lingering odor, use a few drops of vinegar or tea tree oil during the rinse cycle of your wash - voila! So fresh and so clean.

Are Proof workout undies breathable?

We keep things easy breezy - our undies are breathable and soft for an ultra-comfy feeling. Our breathable material allows air to penetrate the fabric, keeping you cool. Even our leak-protective core features lightweight, breathable fabric that absorbs moisture without feeling damp of clammy!

Will Proof workout underwear help control sweat?

Our collection of workout underwear is ideal for absorbing sweat and any other leaks that accompany a workout - from bladder leaks to spotting and discharge.

Go with your flow

We've designed period underwear for every phase of your flow, from surprise light spotting in-between periods to super heavy periods and beyond.