Proof is here to help you with all kind of leaks

What kind of leak do you want coverage for?

For Periods

Our uniquely designed period underwear provide protection for every phase of your period, from light leaks to a super heavy flow. Use solo or pair with your favorite tampon or cup!

For Bladder Leaks

For when you laugh so hard the tears run down your leg. Invisible protection to keep leaks on lockdown!

For After Sex

No more fighting over the wet spot on the bed - thank us later. Equipped with antimicrobial lining to inhibit the growth of bacteria and help reduce odor.

For Maternity

Leaks during pregnancy can be a real mother! Patented protection in a bump friendly silhouette for those squished bladder months.

For Postpartum

Modern protection for postpartum bleeding - because your baby should be the only one in puffy diapers.

For Sweat

Undies that wick it good + help fight odor from sun salutations to serious sweat sessions.

For Workout

Undies made to move with you while providing discreet protection.

From light sprinkle to heavy flow